Next Event: December 16, 2020

Gigs in COVID times - reinventing the live industry

Gigs in COVID times - reinventing the live industry

A new Melboss Talks, will take place next December 16th, with a very interesting theme presented by Marcus Fitzgerald.

Marcus Fitzgerald is the CEO of Gigmit, and he will talk about “Events in the Time of COVID – Reinventing the Live Industry”.

Gigmit, is an event and booking management platform for live music professionals, which serves as a meeting point for music lovers. On one hand, bands have the opportunity to directly reach the promoters of festivals and venues that need bands, while for bookers it is not only a tool to find bands, but also serves as a management tool for the entire recruitment process.

This exclusive event will be held via Zoom , with a maximum guest capacity of 100 music professionals. Artists and music industry professionals from all around the world are invited to join us. 


Where The Music Industry Meets

Melboss Talks features relevant professionals from different fields, who will help us better understand the music industry thanks to their knowledge and personal experience, creating a dynamic and interactive occasion for the attendees.

Music needs to develop more connections within the industry and this is the perfect opportunity to create one from different points of view..

Music Networking


During Melboss Talks events, those who attend can get to know other professionals of the music industry as well as share personal and professional experiences.



In each event, attendees will get first hand feedback and experience from an expert of the music industry who will give a talk about their specialty.

Live Music

Live Music

Each Melboss Talks is complemented by live music from an invited artist, Providing artists with more exposure and visibility

Who We Are

Melboss is the music hub that connects professionals in the music industry, creating a collaborative community that encourages networking and offers opportunities and services for the development of music careers.

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