Melboss is a MUSIC HUB that connects artists to music industry professionals and helps them with their emerging careers. Each month, Callao’s FNAC will be a place where different professionals from the music world will give their qualified opinions on the sector and share their work and experiences.

#MelbossTalks features relevant professionals from different fields, who will help us better understand the music industry thanks to their knowledge and personal experience, creating a dynamic and interactive occasion for the attendees. Music needs to develop more connections within the industry and this is the perfect opportunity to create one from different points of view.



Marcos Garcia Alonso

Bio: Marcos García is an international music consultant for music business & creative industries. He holds over 10 years of experience with diverse public institutions and companies in The United States, Latin America and Spain and works as a PR & Corporate Comms Director in the United States for the communications agency FJ Communications. He is also CEO of MAGAR Cultura.
Marcos García has participated as an expert in diverse talks relating to the internationalization of cultural and creative industries, as a collaborating professor for the Masters in "The Music Industry & Sound Studies" at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid; For the postgraduate degree in "Music Business Management" at the University of Valencia; and with the department of Intellectual Property at the University of Oviedo.
In addition to his many professions, he has been a professional musician since 1999. He has participated in over twenty recordings and has toured throughout Europe, Latin America and The United States.

Subject: Keys to Strengthen Your Career as a Musician on an International Level & Personal Branding


Colectivo Panamera

Nacho Taboada, Pepe Curioni and Vanja Polacek make up the three brilliant minds of Colectivo Panamera, a group that creates songs from their own repertoire with the beloved rhythms of Cumbia, Calypso, Rumba and other wild rhythms combined with an authentic Rock sound that echos across the globe.
Colectivo Panamera provokes a feeling of happiness and the need to dance with their lyrics about humanity, love, heartbreak and personal journeys. The band transcends borders with their cloud of rhythm and poetry.


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The second edition of Melboss Talks was an absolute success. These are the music industry professionals and artists that joined us for the events.



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